At Extra Extra Time, we always aim to make value based recommendations and delivery methods to best suit the requirements of our clients. We have a laser like focus on maximizing the investment of our customers into their own business. We have a robust and vast base of experience which we utilize to provide the best solutions for our clients. We are extremely focused on providing a value based service as this seems to be one of the shortcomings for companies in our space. We specialize in application development, maintenance, testing, mobile app development and website design.

Our People

Our team is comprised of a vast array of computer engineers, programmers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and a CRM manager.

We have over 100 years of collective experience in our space.

Our Philosophy

The customer is always right is just the foundation of a true relationship between company and customer. The more important thing is a commitment to our customers winning in business and in life. With this being the core of our business philosophy we have a achieved customer retention rate of nearly 100%.